The purpose of the Student Affairs Graduate Association (SAGA) is to foster a working and
learning environment among graduate students pursuing a career within the student affairs
profession. SAGA provides opportunities for academic, professional, and social development to
enhance students’ knowledge of the profession and to make students more well-rounded

SAGA members also strive to work with other university officials to improve the lives of students
and to serve as mentors to undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in
student affairs.

SAGA members have the opportunity to supplement their academic and work experiences, by
serving on the SAGA Executive Board, serve as a SAGA Director/Chair position, or help chair a
planning committee!

SAGA E-Board:

President: The President of SAGA is the representative for the organization to the general members and faculty of the program. The President oversees the Executive Board, the
meetings and overall direction of the organization.

VP of Professional Development: The Vice President of Professional Development oversees the growth of all the Students in the Higher Education administration program. This is done through different activities such as Boot Camp, Hot Javas, and other presentations.

VP of Programming: The Vice President of Programming oversees the activities that are being planned for all members to engage with. The Vice President of Programming is in charge of the
SAGA Retreat and organizing different events for members to particiate in through out their time
being enrolled as a student.

Secretary: The secretary for SAGA is responsible for maintaining the records and
documentation for SAGA. The secretary oversees the communication that is happening for
SAGA on a day to day basis through email, weekly announcements, social media and
continuum. The secretary oversees the membership of each student involved and the
organizational portal.

Treasurer: The Treasurer for SAGA is responsible for maintaining the finances for SAGA. The Treasurer budgets for the different activities and maintains each activity has enough financial support. The Treasurer ensures that finances are communicated to the adviser and SGA

SAGA Chair Positions:

Social Chair: This individual will provide social activities for SAGA members. Social activities should foster relationships and bonds between SAGA members as well as encourage
networking opportunities with other universities in the surrounding area.

Alumni Relations Chair: The Alumni Relations Chair will be responsible for communication with alumni. He/she will send out alumni alerts, updates, and/or newsletters to foster meaningful relationships with graduates from the Higher Education Administration program at FIU. Also,
he/she should maintain, update, and contribute to the alumni database.

Fundraising Chair: The Fundraising Chair will be responsible for the fundraising efforts of SAGA as well as the oversight of the Fundraising Committee. This individual will be responsible for planning at least one fundraising event per semester. The fundraising committee can/may
choose to raise funds for a charity, cause, or SAGA itself. Also, it may work in conjunction with
another student organization or a non-profit affiliated with the university.

Intramural Chair: The intramural chair will be responsible for communication and assembling our intramural team, The Green Bananas! The Chair will send out communications with SAGA in
regards to sports sign ups, game times, sport selection, practice times etc.
Social Media Chair: The Social Media Chair is responsible for maintaining the SAGA Facebook
and Instagram accounts. Through different marketing campaigns and tactics, the social media
chair strives to increase engagement of the students, staff and faculty of FIU. The Social Media
Chair also Live Streams the meetings for SAGA.

Historian Chair: The Historian Chair primary duty is to ensure that the SAGA Continuum is being updated on a continual basis and ensuring that continuum is being distributed to students. The
Historian also assists the Secretary with maintaining the records of SAGA.

Higher Education and Student Affairs Partnership

The Master of Science in Higher Education Administration prepares graduates to serve in a variety of roles at colleges and universities and related institutions. The academic program is run as a partnership with FIU’s Student Affairs division, and integrates class-work with assistantships for a total learning experience. As a majority-minority institution, FIU is the prototype for universities of opportunity in the 21st century. Students in the program will have the opportunity to work and study in one of the most diverse higher education environments in the nation.

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